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About The Website

ShivarWeb is about helping DIYers, freelancers & small businesses build better websites & do more effective marketing.

We focus on finding the signal within all the noise, chatter, hype, complexity and (unfortunately) charlatanism in web development & digital marketing. And then creating the quality useful resources that we want to see exist in the world.

You’ll find long-form tutorials, opinion pieces, deep-dive guides, product reviews & more. Our topics range from SEO to Paid Advertising to Analytics to the mechanics of building websites to behind the scenes tips, tactics & tools that will make your business more effective.

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About The Publisher – Nate Shivar

Digital Marketing ConsultantBack in 2010, I started freelance SEO, marketing, consulting, and some web design. I ran this site for lead-generation and sales. I then worked for an interactive agency in Atlanta until 2015.

Now, I work as a digital marketing consultant in addition to building, owning, and operating digital publishing brands – including ShivarWeb where I’m the primary author and sole editor/publisher.

I’m proudly based in the heart of Atlanta, GA. You can read more about me personally over at NateShivar.com/about but professionally, I’m certified in Google Analytics and AdWords; certified by Distilled in SEO; used to freelance in everything from web design to SEO to AdWords; I’m a huge fan of WordPress – and solid web platforms in general.

More recently I worked for one of Atlanta’s top marketing agencies as their Senior SEO Specialist. Additionally, I consulted independently with companies on content & SEO strategy.

I’ve done work with every type of company from household name brands to medium industrial firms to small non-profits, and have increased organic traffic in a wide range of industries. While at my previous agency, my work won the 2015 SEO Campaign of the Year from the Atlanta chapter of the AMA. I’ve also spoken at SuperNovaSouth 2015 as a panelist on the Future of SEO.

I’ve also either built, run or consulted on nearly every type of site there is – from ecommerce to affiliate to membership to enterprise to local and more. I’ve been experimenting and exploring the Web since 1996 when I first opened up my Netscape browser. I started my first website on GeoCities back in the day.

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Also! If you want even more marketing content from me, I co-host the Bamboo Chalupa digital marketing podcast bi-weekly with Brett Snyder. It’s the marketing podcast I wish had existed in the world before we started it. Check it out on iTunes here.

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