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The Ridiculous Power of Blog Commenting

I’ve written about using blog commenting to get visitors before, but this post by AJ Kohn puts blog commenting in the context of getting attention where it’s otherwise limited. Great post – be sure to act on it. Check it out here…

Takeaway: Look for places to connect w/ authors & customers that aren’t as noisy – blog comments being a great example

Marketing Personas: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Deciding who you will be selling to, writing for, or advertising to is the starting point for marketing. And even though you may have an idea in your head, writing out that persona can seriously help guide your marketing efforts. Buffer wrote a solid intro – check it out here…

Also, a few weeks ago I linked to a post on using your email list & Facebook to define personas with actual customers. Check Step 4 in the post here…

Takeaway: Taking time to actually write out and define your ideal customers can pay dividend and guide everything you do from blogging to advertising

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Explainer Videos

Why talk about your product/service to your customer when you can show them? Very detailed post on explainer videos. Check it out here…

Takeaway: Just having explainer videos gives you an advantage – doing them well with scripts and storyboards are even better

Best Metrics For Digital Marketing: Rock Your Own And Rent Strategies

Ad platforms, social platforms and website analytics all give you tons and tons of data. Here’s a detailed, but defining post by Google Analytics’ Chief Evangelist on picking the right metrics to look at. Check it out here…

Takeaway: You manage what you measure. Take time to look at metrics that actually matter to your business…especially with platforms you don’t own in social

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