Thanks for taking a second to try to learn what and who is behind ShivarWeb – and why on earth should you care what I have to say.

About ShivarWeb

This site is dedicated to helping DIY people and freelancers find the right resources to build good websites, and to do good marketing online through WordPress, SEO, AdWords, and email.

It’s also a place where I can write reviews of products, and write about Internet geekery and marketing separate from my sort of eclectic personal blog.

I haven’t decided on an editorial calendar or a content strategy, though when I do write…it’s something awesome. However – I do write a weekly newsletter that will also contain any new articles I write. You should sign up here because you’ll get 4 actually useful marketing articles every week – more signal and less noise for you.

About Nate Shivar

Web Consultant For Athens, GABack in 2010, I started freelance SEO, marketing, consulting, and some web design. I ran this site for lead-generation, and sales. I then worked for an interactive agency in Atlanta until 2015. Now, I work as a digital marketing consultant in addition to building, owning, and operating publishing brands.

You can read more about me personally over at NateShivar.com/about but professionally, I’m certified in Google Analytics and AdWordscertified by Distilled in SEO; work in the SEO industry; used to freelance in everything from web design to SEO to AdWords; I’m a huge fan of WordPress – and open platforms in general.

I’ve either built or run nearly every type of site there is – from ecommerce to affiliate to membership and more. I’ve been experimenting and exploring the Web since 1996 when I first opened up my Netscape browser. I used to compare the results between HotBot, Altavista, and Lycos. And started my first website on GeoCities before I moved on to Homestead.

I’m not a frequent social sharer, but you can follow me on Twitter here. Preferably – you would just sign up for the newsletter, though 😉

Also! I co-host the Bamboo Chalupa digital marketing podcast bi-weekly with Brett Snyder. It’s the marketing podcast I wish had existed in the world before we started it. Check it out on iTunes here.

If you want to talk directly –  contact me here, or talk to me in the comments.